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we're brent and christina freeby.

the makers of


at FREE HOUSE, we take pride in our handmade artifacts. we began our journey as makers who wanted to create beautiful, functional, and unique pieces for ourselves. then, we decided we should make them for everyone else.


our love for welding, woodworking, drawing, painting, sewing, cooking, baking, brewing beer, gardening, and just plain making of any kind is evident in all of our one-of-a-kind creations.

all of our work embodies the very spirit of american made, small-batch, craftsmanship.

it's not just our work - it's our way of life.

someday we will have a big shop where we can make whatever we want, and invite people to come shop, chat, learn, drink a coffee, drink a beer, exchange ideas, and share life.

like and old-fashioned public house for making. this is why FREE HOUSE was born.


so, for now, enjoy our work at different market places, and order online, but sign up for our email list and we'll invite you to the FREE HOUSE someday.

we ship


artifacts nationwide


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