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everlasting marigolds


i love these marigolds. i first planted them because i had read that marigolds will keep aphids away from your other plants. i was skeptical, but i figured it was worth a try. well, the leaves are very very sticky, and yes, the aphids are attracted to them... better yet, they stick to them! i love the fluffy patches of these pot marigolds that bloom, and it's fun to harvest their seeds at the end of the season.

here's how you can make them last forever

plant your first batch of seeds, and water away.

let these little beauties grow, bloom, and at the end of the season the tops will dry out into little alien looking flowers. harvest all of those curly dried seeds, and plant again, or store for a later date.

...and the cycle continues.

these flowers would be great surrounding a garden bed, in our very own FREE HOUSE planter boxes, or anywhere you need a pop of color. this could also be a great garden project for the kids.

plant, water, and harvest some very hardy flowers that will keep on giving.

happy planting,

p.s. remember, the more you give the more you grow.


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