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our favorites : sticker printer

i feel like a tiny printer evangelist... i have shown everyone this sticker printer because i love it and it works so well. and, it's tiny!

phomemo sticker printer

it's so easy to use from an app on your phone or tablet. connect via bluetooth and print away.

after you download the phomemo app, customize your own labels, choose from their graphics, print black and white photos, whatever you're little heart desires.


i used it this last Christmas for gift tags.

i use it for some of our store labels.

we've used it to label bins in the garage and folders in the office.

when i've printed a photo to show someone how it works, they can hardly wait to stick it on something or give it to someone.

sticker paper refills

the printer comes with a roll of sticker paper, and it is very inexpensive to replace.

the sticker is backed with high quality adhesive, and the ink has been very solid and smear proof.

happy printing,


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