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monte vista prayer chapel

mark 11:24

the five iterations for the prayer chapel are briefly delineated below. based on comments and feedback, the final design will reflect and advance this stage of the process.

therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.


no. 1

a quiet, respectful neighbor of the adjacent tower building, the lightly colored glass softly filters ambient light, gently reflected in the shallow water surround.  the long overhang provides ample shade, with the center portal providing a sense of spiritual light from above.


no. 2

a solid, simple vertical form in the context of the flat site and valley.  the 'floating' concrete path traverses the shallow reflecting pool to the main space, bringing gazes skyward, away from the horizontality below.


no. 3

a more protected timber box, the vertical slats hover carefully above the plinth, spaced perfectly to gently filter the incoming light, yet providing shade whilst maintaining an ethereal sensibility on the solid center foundational core.


no. 4

simplicity of form with carefully appointed materials and details dominate this respite from the surrounding world.  the slats & solid covering provide a gradient of light and sound experience as a mediator between interior and exterior space.


no. 5

a slow, methodical subterranean transition that calmly and quietly removes the complications and noise of the world.  the destination is clearly visible yet easily attainable.  the cruciform void in the overhead panels carefully direct narrow slits of light into the space.


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